Preventive care and ultrasonic cleanings. Take home whitening or in-office bleaching. Regular follow-ups to help maintain that smile.

Preserving Teeth

Cleaning those cavities and building up the tooth with Composite tooth coloured fillings, anti-decay fillings, inlays and others.

Saving teeth

Root canal treatment followed by crowns to help save your natural teeth


Protecting teeth

Gum treatments from deep gum cleanings to minor gum surgeries so that the foundation of your teeth remains strong.


Straightening Teeth

Orthodontics including minor corrections with removable appliances as well as major alterations with braces. Habit breaking appliances and Invisible braces included!

Replacing Teeth

With aesthetic bridges, implants and full or partial dentures



Minimally Invasive surgical treatments

Tooth removal, wisdom tooth surgeries and other minor surgeries of the jaw

Cosmetic Treatments

Smile corrections with laminates, veneers, cosmetic fillings, bleaching and more

Supportive Treatments

Bite guards, sports guards, treatment of TMJoint pain

For the Little Ones

Paediatric dentistry: preventive procedures like sealants and fluorides, oral health education, tiny fillings as well as full mouth treatments to usher kids into a smiling future